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WeedTV.com Presents: The 2015 Champs Las Vegas Death Race


WeedTV.com Presents: The 2015 Champs Las Vegas Death Race

Watch as Matty White breaks down the Champs 2015 DEATH RACE from Las Vegas.

CHAMPS Glass Games is proud to be unveiling a new twist on the fan favorite Death Race that will take the glass smashing to new heights. This summer’s Death Race is truly a race to the death complete with sharp turns, hard corners and JUMPS, that’s right, cars covered in artistic glass will be literally flying through the air.

Drivers must navigate this exciting course, designed personally by CHAMPS Glass Games master of ceremonies, renowned glass artist Matty White, multiple times. The first lap is a simple test to see if the car can make it through the course safely. The second lap is the Championship round and it is a TIME TRIAL. Drivers must navigate their cars safely through the course as fast as they can; fastest time wins. Time penalties will be assessed for overly damaged cars.

If interested in competing or for more information please contact Steinz at (818)905-3232. http://www.champstradeshows.com/

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