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How To Tell If a Marijuana Seed Is Female


How To Tell If a Marijuana Seed Is Female

Feminized seeds are all extra profit for breeders as it is. They just spray a chemical on one of the plants own branches that cause the branch to produce male flowers that have only female dna. Then use that pollen to pollinate the plants buds. Then you have seeds with no male chromosomes.

Shared by: Drew Grow

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  • elcuervo

    Fems from known good genetics don’t hermie or there wouldn’t be such a wildly popular market for them, would there? Reputation is really what those seed breeders have to sell, and I’d say a good one is worth every penny.

  • elcuervo

    I’ve used clones extensively but prefer the way seeds grow and especially given the known genetics available from seed sellers these days. And the price of beans is certainly relative:I prefer to pay for the work and reputation of others over femming my own – I don’t want any seeds anywhere near my grows, and 5 fem seeds these days costs less than 1/8th. Everyone has his own path, though, and nobody knows that better than I, since I’m old and I’ve been down a bunch of them. 😉

  • Maxi

    fems hermie, regular male female means you can make hundreds of seeds. all fems do is keep good genetics locked to the companies who made them since they can’t be breed with.

  • Sam Fox


    Lotta growers make their own fem beans so they don’t have to keep buying new ones. Commercial fem beans can be grown out & clones made, another way growers get around having to buy beans over & over. A clone mother can be used for clones for years if the mom is carefully taken care of.

    These are both good techniques for saving $$ as fem beans are usually very expensive.


  • elcuervo

    My experience has been this: with the stakes so high, why take a chance on my limited ability to use a doubtful technique when fem seeds are so readily available? This is an interesting technique and may come in handy someday, but I sure hope I never have to use it.

  • Arthur Lightell

    This was every interesting, I will pass this on

  • purplediamond

    This video was done by Drew Grow follow him on you tube he is a great grower.

  • staciedoty

    So if you are forcing them to grow, in the later stages, it would be impossible for them to turn into a hermaphrodite??

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