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The Hidden Truth About Portable Vaporizers


The Hidden Truth About Portable Vaporizers

By Chris Goldstein and Jahan Marcu | Freedomleaf.com 

The hottest trend in cannabis accessories today is the discrete, portable vape pen. The telltale warm glow of a LED light as a consumer takes a puff has become ubiquitous across the country.

Medical dispensaries and retail stores are selling hundreds of thousands of these devices. Some new medical marijuana laws, like in New York, have prohibited smoking altogether and allow vaporization instead. But since vape pens have only been around for about a decade, there’s no research into their long-term health effects.

Pre-filled hash-oil cartridge pens are beginning to dominate the market. Many are cheap, disposable and mass produced, and fail frequently. In Colorado and California, pot shops have closets full of defective pens returned by consumers; they regularly get up to 25% of them back.

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