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HERB: A New Crowdfunded Cannabis Cookbook


The Stoner’s Cookbook.

Hundreds of thousands of cannabis-based recipes have been shared on TheStonersCookbook.com since 2006, reaching some 120 million people per month, and they’re often asked “Where do I get the real cookbook?” or “Which recipes do you guys like?”

Managing a cooking community is very different than selling a physical cookbook.  But with cannabis on 17 ballots in the US this November and legalization gaining steam worldwide, the time is right to give readers what they’ve been asking for.

Announcing HERB — the new cookbook from the folks behind The Stoner’s Cookbook.



Prohibition is over.

Colorado and Washington State have legalized recreational cannabis; Denver and Seattle are now epicenters of the culinary-cannabis movement. Many other states have long-established medicinal-marijuana regimes.

Cannabis has brought relief and happiness to millions. Its best days aren’t behind us — they’re ahead of us. The authors of The Stoner’s Cookbook and HERB feel the socio-political environment is finally right for them to put this cookbook together.

The book.

Herb will be a hardcover, 200+ page cookbook which includes:

  • Hundreds of mouth-watering recipes
  • Beautiful photography
  • Detailed extraction methods
  • The science behind cannabis
  • Medicating with cannabis
  • And much, much, more…

They’ve already started working on the design, layout, trim specifications, and cover art.  Here’s a rough example of a cover concept:


Why we’re crowdfunding.

We started TheStonersCookbook.com to so that cannabis enthusiasts could freely exchange their ideas.  We’ve been humbled by the size, growth, and enthusiasm of the community.  And they’re excited to see it continue to grow.

But it’s time for them to expand beyond TheStonersCookbook.com. Prohibition is over, and given their experience over the years, they feel they’re in the best position to bring delicious, cannabis-based recipes to the world.  HERB is their first step.

Books are expensive to produce, and they plan to publish and spread the word about HERB while also supporting and growing TheStonersCookbook.com, just as they have been for the past 8 years.  Help them bring HERB to the world; CLICK HERE to explore different ways you can help support this important Cannabis Culinary Concept.


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