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Green Cures and Botanical Distribution CEO Provides Overview and Corporate Update


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Green Cures and Botanical Distribution CEO Provides Overview and Corporate Update

WINNETKA, Calif.June 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCU) (“Green Cures”) Chief Executive Officer, Robert Calkinprovided the following industries overview and a corporate update.

Green Cures seeks to become the leading cannabis and botanical industry innovator, by providing the highest quality hempseed oils and cannabis flower topical medicinal and botanical products, as permitted by law. With our current and upcoming line of products, we plan to be able to operate in numerous industries, including Nutritional Supplement/Dietary, Health and Wellness, Functional Beverages, Hemp, and Online Marketing.

Nutritional Supplement/Dietary:

According to The Council Responsible for Nutrition (CRN); along with, economic and market research reports conducted by leading sales and marketing firms, the Nutritional Supplement/Dietary industry in the United States is worth over$31 Billion. Over 50% of all Americans use some form of dietary supplement and it is estimated that approximately 40% of Americans use nutritional supplements. Green Cures management believes that the aging US population, together with an increase in consumer health concerns, signals continuing growth and opportunity in this market.

Health and Wellness:

Research also shows that the Health and Wellness industry in the United Statesgenerates over $153 Billion a year, which accounts for approximately one quarter of global health and wellness sales. The health and wellness market has continued growing at a rate of about 5% annually, and management believes that much of this continued growth can be attributed to the American consumers’ interest on promoting healthy lifestyles and total body wellness.

Functional Beverage:

According to market data and industry research, the functional beverage industry in the United States is worth an estimated $8.6 Billion dollars, which represents a growth of approximately 300% since 2004. This industry is one of the fastest growing subsectors of the functional food industry, with an annual growth rate of almost 20%. According to statistical analysis conducted by industry leaders, the functional beverage industry is growing at a much faster rate than the general food or beverage market in the US.


According to estimates published by the Hemp Industry Association, in the year 2013, American retailers sold approximately $581 million of products containing hemp seeds and hemp fiber. Due to the similarity in leaf shape, hemp is frequently confused with marijuana.  Although both plants are from the species cannabis, hemp contains virtually no THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana. In the United States and many countries around the world, the consumption and use of Hemp is legal.  Products like Hemp Fiber, Hemp Protein, and Hemp Oils are used every day by the general public.  As a food or supplement, Hemp is rich in protein, omega fatty acids and high in fiber.

Green Cures, through its current and upcoming line of products, plans to be able to capitalize on the strong growth that these industries are experiencing across the country. At a later time, Green Cures plans to also emphasize expanding sales and distribution opportunities in other regions of the American continent and across the globe. At the present time, Green Cures is moving forward with the development of several online portals that Green Cures acquired and which were announced on March 5, 2014. Green Cures anticipates that some of these portals will be utilized as online marketing tools for some of our upcoming products, as well as advertisement distribution platforms to other companies and individuals, who operate in the medical cannabis and hemp industry, as permitted by law.

Green Cures management also would like to inform to the public and the investment community that they are continuously following both state and federal lawmaking with respect to statutes and regulations involved in the medical cannabis industry. Green Cures does not carry any type of products that are considered controlled substances at the federal level. Furthermore, none of the company’s current or upcoming products being offered through allbotanical.com contain a form or level of THC that would cause them to be considered a controlled substance.

As of the day of this release, all information about the structure of the company in the OTC Markets Website remains the same. Management of Green Cures will continue to disclose to the public and investment community updated information on an ongoing basis.

Stock Dividend Information:

When Green Cures Inc. purchased control of Green Cures & Botanical Distribution, the sole asset of the prior company (Triton) that remained was approximately 4.2M shares of another public company, Privileged World Travel Club (PVCL) which we planned to spin out to our shareholders.  However, since that time, PVCL has not performed as we anticipated, and the company has been delayed in its public filings.  Until Green Cures management thinks the benefit to our shareholders justifies the expense of paying the cost of a registration statement to effect the spinout of those shares to our shareholders, and until PVCL is in a position to have its filings up to date (which would be required for a registration statement), Green Cures management believes it is a more prudent use of the Company’s funds to grow the business, add new product lines, and explore and consider acquisitions or joint ventures with other businesses with similar business plans and business models.  We will continue to hold the PVCL shares, and to monitor that company’s progress.

Yield Sign:

Management has received numerous inquiries relating to the “Yield” sign on the OTC Markets website relating to Green Cures.  As previously announced on May 16, 2014, since the acquisition of control of the company, Green Cures is maintaining all documentation necessary for the preparation of its quarterly and other reports, and quarterly financial statements and information which focus on the new business of Green Cures, for the period beginning March 1, 2014, forward. The Company’s next report, which will cover the quarter from April 1 through June 30, is due on or before August 14, 2014. Green Cures management plans to complete and upload these filings on the OTC website during the month of July. Green Cures will continue to maintain the necessary records and documentation to prepare and file the required reports.

In closing, Green Cures management will be providing additional updates as they become available.

About Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc: (www.gcbdinc.com) Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc (GRCU) operates a diverse portfolio of services and products within the botanical and medical cannabis industry, as permitted by law. The products include nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs/botanicals, sports nutrition, and specialty. In this rapidly growing industry of alternative care and medicinal products, GRCU also provides to the online community portals that supply with information and resources regarding the benefits of cannabis-derived products.

FDA Statement: The statements contained in this document have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. The products and statements referenced in this document are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Forward-looking statement: This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements and information, as defined within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and is subject to the Safe Harbor created by those sections. This material contains statements about expected future events and/or financial results that are forward-looking in nature and subject to risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements are identified by wording such as “scheduled (future sense)” “intend(s)”, “plan(s)” “expect(s)”, “believe(s)” “will” “estimate(s)”, “anticipate(s)”, “expect(s)”, “may”, “would”, “could” or “should” or, in each case, the negative thereof, other variations thereon, or comparable terminology that implies anticipated future deliverables.  The Company disclaims any obligation or intention to update any forward-looking statement for any reason.

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Source: PR Newswire (June 9, 2014 – 12:50 PM EDT)

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