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Former Las Vegas police officer and Union leader changes views in support of medical marijuana


LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) — A former Metro police officer who once arrested people for pot possession now supports medical marijuana.

A painful disease in his bones has David Kallas, the former head of the Police Officers’ Union searching for relief. He says scientific evidence shows marijuana would do just that, but since there are no dispensaries, he has no legal way to get it.

14 years ago, Kallas spoke out against the legalization of medical marijuana when Nevada voters were deciding the issue.

“We don’t believe the initiative is a good thing for the public and certainly not a good thing for law enforcement,” Kallas said in response to the 2002 initiative that would have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana.

At the time, Kallas was against anything related to marijuana. But after a fungus grew in his fractured tibia, things changed

“I was ignorant to its abilities,” Kallas said. “That was a 180-degree change in my life.”

Kallas says medical marijuana would ease the disease’s symptoms.

“It would A take away the pain in both my tibia and both my knees both my ankles my hips,” Kallas said.

But Kallas says don’t get him wrong – he opposes recreational marijuana. He thinks the easier access to the drug would make it more prevalent in schools.

“I don’t believe recreational marijuana will make our community a better place to live,” Kallas said.

Las Vegas Councilman Bob Coffin, however, has not taken a stance on recreational use.

“I think I first want to see how medical works out and to see if we don’t have too much cheating on medical marijuana,” Coffin said.

Like Kallas, Coffin wants the option to use medical marijuana himself. He has been on pain killers for 9 years due to a car accident, and he worries about pain pills’ effects on his liver. Coffin thinks marijuana may be a healthier alternative.

He worries about pain pills effects on his liver, and thinks marijuana may be a healthier alternative.

As this kind of thinking keeps growing, so does support for medical marijuana, as the movement: gains what some call unexpected fans.


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