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Florida Amendment 2 Marijuana – ‘Just Say No’ to Sunshine Referendum?


Florida Amendment 2 Marijuana – ‘Just Say No’ to Sunshine Referendum?


Florida Amendment 2 marijuana legislation is in the news and some cities and counties are taking a Well, ‘Not Yet,’ Anyway attitude as they wait to see what happens in the state of Florida.

Since the late twentieth century, over half of the states in the U.S. passed initiatives that either decriminalized or legalized marijuana for various purposes.  With each election, more and more voters head to the polls to vote upon marijuana measures.  In fact during the 2016 election, 9 states considered proposals for expanded access to marijuana, both for recreational and medical use.  Florida, one of these 9 states, voted upon broadening access to medical marijuana through an amendment to their state constitution, known as Florida Amendment 2.  Florida’s citizens overwhelmingly supported the measure with 71% of the vote.  So now that Floridians enacted Amendment 2, what happens next?  Florida’s state and local governments must get to work.

Prior to the November election, a limited medical marijuana law existed in the state of Florida.  Essentially patients with extreme medical conditions could purchase and use either the weakest (low THC level) or non-smoked forms of marijuana through a prescription from their doctors.  Conditions covered by the 2014 law included cancer, epilepsy, chronic seizures, and chronic muscle spasms.  The law then expanded earlier in 2016 to include the treatment of patients suffering from terminal conditions with stronger (higher THC level) marijuana.

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