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$ERBB Market Leaders of Vending to Integrate Proprietary System


$ERBB Market Leaders of Vending to Integrate Proprietary System

By MarijuanStocks.com

 Market Leaders of Vending to Integrate American Green’s Proprietary System

Most of the software modifications and unique interfaces visible to the public are done after machines leave manufacturing facilities. After experiencing the American Green Machine at NAMA, it was clear to most if not all companies there that integration wouldn’t pose a threat to their business and would likely benefit by offering options to their clients and in turn their customers. Teddy Sanchez who was the GM of Jofemar USA before starting his own consulting business — Optimal Vending Systems (www.optimalvendingsystems.com) — recently and a fixture in vending for over two decades commented, “My first impression was ‘wow!’ The screen attracts people while the constant advertising screen engages consumers and keeps onlookers busy until products are vended. After the simple registration process, the next time the machine is used, they just have to log in with email or phone, then confirm thru finger vein reader. This technology can be applied to so many fields including alcohol, tobacco and more, the list is virtually endless. I am looking forward to seeing more American Green Machines located throughout the US,” Mr. Sanchez finished.

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