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The End of Anti-Pot New Jersey


The End of Anti-Pot New Jersey

By Jimi Devine @JimiDevine | CannabisNow.com

Cannabis activists in New Jersey are envisioning a future without Governor Chris Christie.

The future is bright for New Jersey as lawmakers start the conversation about the possibility of legal cannabis in the state after Chris Christie’s forthcoming departure from the governor’s mansion.

As Christie prepares to hit the road as mandated by term laws, should the exit be open, supporters of legal cannabis in The Garden State are preparing for a brighter future. Rutgers Grad and soon-to-be local legend State Senator Nicholas Scutari is leading the effort with his bill filed this week.

Earlier this month Christie called the Democratic backers of the movement leading to this effort crazy liberals and said the whole concept of pot being OK was “baloney.”

But it’s Christie vs. The World on this one, as soon as he loses the power of the pen a major grassroots effort looks to be in strong position led by New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform (NJUMR). The coalition has built an impressive list of supporters and released a statement coinciding with the bill hitting the statehouse.

JH Barr serves as municipal prosecutor in Clark and is a former president and current secretary of the New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association.

“As a prosecutor for more than 16 years, I have seen what the war on marijuana looks like up close: wasted resources and wasted potential,” he said in the statement. “Every time someone in my town court gets arrested and taken into custody for marijuana possession, I see a lost opportunity to confront real public safety threats because law enforcement is occupied with punishing people needlessly. It’s time to legalize marijuana for adults in New Jersey.”

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