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Drug Dealers Looking for Profits in the Legal Marijuana Market


Drug Dealers Looking for Profits in the Legal Marijuana Market

By MarijuanaStocks.com

Looking for a safe spot in the legal marijuana market in Colorado, black market cannabis merchants are hiding marijuana cultivation throughout legal cannabis farms and warehouses. Afterward, they secretly send it off somewhere else and end up making million of dollars under the table, law enforcement officials and court records reveal.

In one case, the proprietor of a skydiving business packed many pounds of Colorado pot into his planes and flew the weed to Minnesota, where dealers supposedly sold it for a large number of dollars in real money. In another, a Denver man was accused of sending more than 100 pot-filled FedEx bundles to Buffalo, New York, where street pharmacists separated the shipment. Twenty other drug dealers, numerous from Cuba, were blamed for migrating to Colorado to develop weed that they sent to Florida, where it can get more than twofold the cost in a lawful Colorado shop.

These cases and others affirm a longstanding fear from cannabis antagonists that the state’s greatly watched experiment in legal marijuana would welcome more unlawful trafficking to different states where the plant is still entirely prohibited. One source is Colorado inhabitants or sightseers who purchase retail pot and take it out of state. In any case, more of a worry to officials are huge scale traffickers who move to Colorado particularly to develop the drug and send it to more profitable markets.

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