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Donald Trump Is a Win-Win for Cannabis Re-Legalization


Donald Trump Is a Win-Win for Cannabis Re-Legalization

Posted By DavidB | hailmaryjane.com

President-elect Donald Trump will prove to be a win-win for the re-legalization of cannabis.  Regardless of what he does he will provide a faster path to full re-legalization than Hillary Clinton.  Ms. Clinton would have permitted medical cannabis and lots of research, all of which would be good.  But she was not in favor of rec legalization and might have put up some roadblocks barring that end.  Because some good was happening the cannabis “culture of accommodation” might have tucked its’ head saying “okay, it’s better than a poke in the eye.”

Don’t get me wrong — Trump worries and scares the hell out of me.   I did not vote for him.  But there are only two possible roads ahead.

On the first road Trump leaves the re-legalization decision to the individual states.  When this state is legal, and that one right next door is not, it will be seeing HOW MUCH?! tax revenue and that will challenge black hearts and closed minds in resisting state legislatures.  In America, money talks — loud.  With the first states testing what works and how, the last group of states to re-legalize can move at a faster pace, not make the same mistakes, and bring a legal system on-line with minimum delay.

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