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Denver May Ban At Home Hash Extraction


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Denver May Ban At Home Hash Extraction

In the past, we’ve spoken at length about the need to leave hash making to the pros. Amateur hash-making leads to home explosions, those home explosions lead to “Dab Madness”, and where that Dab Madness leads to could spell trouble for the 710 community. And it’s best way avoid that trouble.

Fortunately, the city of Denver, which has been somewhat plagued by butane hash oil related explosions, will move to place an outright ban on the dangerous, amateur activity. According to The Cannabist, the city will ban any solvent-based extraction method (usually butane) and only allow home hash-makers to produce hash to use water (bubble hash) as the extractor.A new proposal backed by Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration would ban the home use of solvent-based hash oil extraction. It involves highly flammable compressed gasses, typically butane, in the extraction of oil from marijuana. An additional risk is that some users stock up on those gases in their homes. [The Cannabist]

Translation: if you don’t have a license to make hash utilizing the BHO-method, you’re not legally allowed to make hash at your home.

And it’s a decision that will make our industry even better.


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