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Denver Intends to Ban Marijuana Smoking at All City Parks


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Denver Intends to Ban Marijuana Smoking at All City Parks

The Denver City Council intends to establish a new rule to prohibit the “consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, or growth of marijuana” in any park within the city’s control. The new rule will affect all of Denver’s public green spaces including those administered by Denver Mountain Parks— specifically, Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Other Denver Mountain Park properties that might feel the burn from the new rule include Lookout Mountain, Echo Lake Park, and Summit Lake Park on Mount Evans. In town, city residents will no longer be entitled to spark it up at Sloan’s Lake, Washington Park, City Park, or even Civic Center Park; as if these properties have ever allowed tokage within their boundaries. Transgressors can be hit with fines escalating from $150 for a first offense.

This new, proposed law seems redundant as existing law within Denver and the State of Colorado already prohibits such public displays and consumption. Apparently, the members of Denver’s City Council feel their prohibitive stance needs added emphasis.
However, Denver’s populace may not be so quick to agree. Approximately 66% of Denver voters affirmed Amendment 64—an overwhelming majority who already agree that cannabis should be regulated like alcohol. Interestingly, the City Council has no similar prohibition concerning the sale of alcohol in these areas.

In fact, they encourage, or in some cases even participate in, the sale and profit from alcoholic beverages at our city and mountain parks. Who hasn’t had a beer at Red Rocks? For that matter, who hasn’t toked up at Red Rocks? You see, the City Council can make all the noise it wants. Cannabis has never been allowed at these places. Why should a little thing like its sudden state constitutional legality make any difference?

If you want to voice your concerns regarding this new policy the City Council is conveniently meeting about this very issue tomorrow, the day it plans on enacting the new rule. Perhaps I’ll see you there: Thursday, June 12, at 5:30 p.m. in the Wellington Webb Municipal Building, at 201 W Colfax Ave., 4th floor, room 4.F.6.



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