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D.C. Activists Promise Massive Marijuana Protest For Trump’s Inauguration


D.C. Activists Promise Massive Marijuana Protest For Trump’s Inauguration

Much pomp and specific circumstances mark the quadrennial swearing-in of the President of the United States, and Donald J. Trump’s inauguration will be no exception. There’s the 21-gun salute, there’s the playing of Hail to the Chief, there are the balls and the parties and the protests.

And, unless Trump declares his support for marijuana legalization in all 50 states, there will be the 4,200 joints fired up and passed around just as the Trump’s inaugural speech gets going.

As you can see, preparations are already well underway for #Trump420, or what could be the biggest single marijuana protest in recent memory.

#Trump420 is a project of DCMJ, the activists who successfully legalized recreational cannabis in Washington, D.C. In case their commitment to the cause was in question, their recent guerrilla protest of the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s anti-weed choice for attorney general, led to a trail of marijuana crumbs marking the floor of Sessions’ office.

Sessions, an early Trump supporter, famously declared last year that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” But more troubling than the grandstanding of a senator is the silence of an attorney general nominee — and a president.

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