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Commercial Marijuana is Good for the Economy


Commercial Marijuana is Good for the Economy

Today, we can count 28 states including the District of Columbia as having legalized the drug for medical purposes. Additionally, since November 2016 eight states (Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, Nevada, California Washington, Oregon, and Alaska) have legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. The aftermath yields in billions of tax revenues from the cultivation and sale of cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

The states have seen a major economic boon, and not the bust as many may have predicted, because of the legalization. The new measure has already delivered something inconceivable to the normal population but fiscally viable as expected when the states raked in over a billion dollars (or could even be more) in tax revenues combined. Legalizing pot could save up to $14 billion a year as predicted by the economists. And the figure could even be in a rising vertical as other products could be developed from the plant other than the strains.

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