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Colorado Tries Cannabis DUI testing for Better Accuracy


Colorado Tries Cannabis DUI testing for Better Accuracy

by Addison Herron- Wheeler | ireadculture.com

Cannabis legalization has been extremely successful in Colorado, but one of the biggest issues facing the newly legal state has been how to test for driving under the influence of cannabis. Since there has been, up until now, no real way to tell if someone is smoking and driving unless they are caught red-handed, intoxicated people are getting away with driving under the influence of cannabis, while innocent people are being accused of driving after under its influence if they violate traffic laws. However, Colorado State Troopers might have the answer to the DUI woes with their new cannabis testing system.

“Sometimes people are glad to participate, and sometimes they want nothing to do with us,” Major Steve Garcia with the State Patrol training branch told The Denver Post, explaining how he asks people that get pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence of cannabis if they would like to test out this new product.

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