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California Marijuana Business Owners In Legal Fog As They Await Statewide Rules


California Marijuana Business Owners In Legal Fog As They Await Statewide Rules

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By Bart Schaneman | mjbizdaily.com

The absence of statewide medical marijuana regulations following passage of California’s recreational cannabis ballot measure has put existing MJ business owners in legal limbo, making it tougher for them to operate their companies and plan for the future.

Some of these businesses, for example, are finding it difficult to determine what’s legal and what’s not.

Entrepreneurs also are unsure how to properly structure their businesses to comply with Proposition 64 (the measure that legalized recreational cannabis) and how to label and package their products correctly. At the same time, they’re waiting for California officials to finalize medical marijuana rules, adding to the uncertainty.

Before the legal fog can clear, California must draft statewide rules governing both the new adult-use industry and the existing MMJ sector as well.

The new regulatory scheme for both recreational and medical cannabis isn’t expected to be implemented until January 2018, at the earliest. Last week, two top state cannabis regulators promised to have a formal state permitting system up and running by that time.

“It’s not a lot of fun right now,” said Greta Carter, a cannabis business owner who is launching cultivation operations in California.

Before the November election, she noted, many marijuana business owners in California worked in a so-called “gray market” that she defined as operating in a “defendable position” amid limited laws and regulatory support.

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