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Cabinet Grow’s MediCab Named Best Micro Grow Box


Cabinet Grow’s MediCab Named Best Micro Grow Box

By: Ryan Allway | CannabisFN.com

Cabinet Grow Inc. (CBNT 1.08 0.00%), a developer and marketer of cabinet-based horticulture systems, recently announced that its MediCab Micro received the coveted High Times STASH (Significant Technological Advancements in Secretive Horticulture) award for the Best Micro Grow Box. The award marks the third consecutive year that the company has been recognized by the industry leading publication for its innovative technology.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the most time-honored and respected influencer in the marijuana industry, High Times. We are dedicated to providing cost efficient, simple, and enjoyable home cultivation experiences for novice growers,” said Sam May, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cabinet Grow. “I am proud that Team Cabinet Grow has been recognized for our effort to ensure the highest quality user experience for our customers.”

Over the coming days, the company plans to announce a major product update for the MediCab Micro that includes multiple hardware upgrades and a state-of-the-art system accessible via a mobile application. The integration of a mobile app with the sensor system will differentiate the product further from competitors within the burgeoning industry, while customers have consistently voiced their desire for these kinds of features.

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