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Cabinet Grow: Real Revenue, Real Potential


Cabinet Grow: Real Revenue, Real Potential

By Ryan Allway | CannabisFN.com

These massive growth rates have attracted a number of private and public companies to the space, some of which materialized overnight via reverse-mergers and compete in everything from broad consulting services to commercial grow systems. Unfortunately, many of these companies are pre-revenue with little in the way of business operations, while their financials aren’t always transparent in terms of their OTC or SEC filings.The U.S. cannabis industry could be worth $35 billion by 2020, according to GreenWave Advisors, if the federal government ended prohibition. In a more conservative model, the analyst believes that the market could still exceed $20 billion, with 12 states and Washington DC legalizing adult-use cannabis and 37 states legalizing medical marijuana. The rapid growth and scale comes from a combination of state programs and home-grow legalization initiatives.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Cabinet Grow Inc. (OTCQB: CBNT), which went public through a traditional S-1 process, generates tangible revenue by providing home-growing equipment, and has massive potential with its new commercial growing and media business segments.

Pick & Shovel Approach

Cabinet Grow was conceptualized by Sam May back in 2008 after struggling to grow personal-use medical marijuana in California. While collectives had become commonplace, there were no resources for home growers looking to grow their own medical marijuana in an effort to avoid the costs associated with buying or traveling to collectives on a regular basis.

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