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$ADVT Receiving Larger, Ongoing Amstercan Orders


$ADVT Receiving Larger, Ongoing Amstercan Orders

By MarijuanaStocks.com

 Advantis Corp. Receiving Larger, Ongoing Amstercan Orders

The strategy Advantis employs to build consistent revenue streams, using Amstercan as its anchor offering, is proving successful. “In the beginning, everyone was intrigued and ordered small amounts to test before they ordered larger quantities,” Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, stated. “Now that Amstercan is becoming more well known as being synonymous with the highest quality product, we are receiving large orders right off the bat; and those that did test orders are all ordering larger and larger quantities.” Advantis picked up Chateau Cannabis Co. as a client in March, and their second order for Amstercans was more than triple their first order. Nature’s Top Shelf ordered over 5,000 Amstercans for their first order, and are requesting this amount on a monthly basis. “Building a consistent Amstercan client base and supplying superior service to them is paramount to Advantis’ success,” Swartz said. “Amstercans are the key that opens the door to the litany of new products we are able to introduce through our client and partner pipeline. The ongoing revenue from from our loyal Amstercan clients supply the necessary cash flow to support our ongoing efforts to expand the Advantis footprint.” Swartz asserted that several new potential Amstercan clients will soon be added, as soon as Advantis receives the higher volume packaging machine.

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