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Activists Fight Changes in Oregon MMJ Program


Activists Fight Changes in Oregon MMJ Program

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Earlier this month concerned campaigners led by the Campaign for Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CCRH) took over the front steps of the Oregon State Capitol building in Salem, Oregon in an attempt to convey their concerns on the first day of the new session. Five minute speeches were given by business owners, patient advocates, medical patients, cannabis growers and industry-friendly attorneys. The message was clear: Leave the Oregon Medical Marijuana program alone.

Oregon has a long history with medical cannabis that began in November 1998 when voters said “Yes” to medical marijuana by approving Ballot Measure 67. The vote, which passed into law in December of that year, allowed medical use of marijuana in Oregon including detailed regulations and limitations on cultivation, possession and consumption. Measure 67 also established a state registry and permitting structure.


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