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Accepting Mary Jane: Three Reasons All Women Should be Pushing for Legal Weed


Accepting Mary Jane: Three Reasons All Women Should be Pushing for Legal Weed

By Cyd Maurer | marijuanapolitics.com

Even though a majority of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana, there are still many negative misconceptions out there that hold us back from full cannabis acceptance. The momentum is shifting, but old-fashioned ideas linger in many areas of the country, and within different segments of the population.

Being a 25-year-old woman who consumes cannabis, one common misconception I’ve observed is the notion that weed just isn’t “ladylike.” That women ought to stick to wine and cosmos at the sake of appearing less-womanly.

This is exactly the sort of misconception I hope to help abolish! I mean, let’s consider the facts: we’re talking about a flower nicknamed “Mary Jane.” It’s time for all women to embrace cannabis. Women everywhere deserve to know why legal weed will benefit them. Of course ending marijuana prohibition creates a better world for everyone, but today, I’m focusing on the ladies:

 Three Reasons All Women Should be Pushing for Legal Weed!

#3: The Health Benefits of Cannabis are Endless!

I’ve heard several women in my life, and in pop culture, refer to wine as “mommy juice.” With hectic and demanding lives, it’s no wonder many modern women are often looking for something to take the edge off, but what some women don’t realize is that cannabis is a safer, healthier alternative to that “mommy juice” in their glass every night.

The medicinal qualities of cannabis can help people relax and fall asleep, may reduce the risk for certain cancers, and could even help people manage their weight… all without the calories, hangover symptoms, or damaging effects of alcohol (or the risky side effects that occur with many prescription drugs).

Research shows one in four American women take antidepressants, and an increasing amount of women use and abuse opioid pain killers. Amazingly, different strains of cannabis can help manage those conditions, and more!

In states where cannabis is legal, trained budtenders offer expert advice on what strains are right each individual customer, depending on their needs. Here in Oregon, it is so amazing to have the ability to walk into a dispensaryand ask for a strain that will help me fall asleep, or one that will boost my mood and energy.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for prescription drugs, just that cannabis can sometimes be a healthier substitute for women looking for alternatives – and I want women to know that!

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    Cannabis was referred as the birthing herb,all parts of the plant beneficial to the female body for example the oil was applied to the outside and inside of the birth canal(vagina)it worked as a lubricant,anti-spasm,antiseptic,.and mild analgesic.

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