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Maple Leaf (MPEFF) Anticipates $1-2 Million in Annual Revenue from MMJ Project


Maple Leaf (MPEFF) Anticipates $1-2 Million in Annual Revenue from MMJ Project

By Ryan Allway | CannabisFN.com

Maple Leaf Green World (MPEFF 0.0938 0.00%) (Free Analysis), a Canadian company focused on the agricultural and environmental industries,recently announced a successful visit to its California greenhouse facility. During the visit, the team discovered that the personnel were able to shorten the growing period from three months to two months, which increases the number of potential harvests and expands revenue potential to $2 million per year.

“During our recent tour of the Company’s facilities in California, we found the plants are flourishing and growing quickly. Our Chief Grower and his crew are very experienced, dedicated and hardworking; they follow our operating protocol rigorously, fully incorporating the latest advancements in greenhouse technology and using new organic fertilizing techniques to full advantage.

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