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by Mark Leibovit

Cannabis shares have been in a correction. We do not have much history but since 2014 the April to June period has witnessed less investor interest and as a result lower volume levels and price deterioration. Anyone who is investing in the Cannabis space must realize that these are not utility shares or bonds and even though the latter have their swings, cannabis and vice related shares covered in my newsletter are going to experience a much, much greater level of volatility. My approach is to do some trading but work to keep a core portfolio for those who wish to participate with me in this sector.

Looking at the new Horizons Medical MMJ Fund (HMMJ) which has experienced a pullback in recent weeks, we may now be seeing the formation of a trading bottom. Let’s see if we experience further upside follow-through in the week ahead.

Speaking of the Canadian market, one of the biggest questions being asked,

The biggest question about the Canadian market is will the market have enough supply when adults can legally purchase next July, and the overwhelming consensus is no which cause delays though most believe that mail order will be permitted in all provinces initially with physical distribution likely to be delayed in some provinces. Another topic weighing on the minds of investors and those in the industry is assessing the global market. Canadian LPs appear to be in the driver’s seat, with export a major opportunity. Many of the LPs expect to actually produce cannabis in non-Canadian markets as well. Canada is still predominantly producing flower, as the oils have been only recently introduced and are restrictive (no vape pens, for example). While thre is a great deal of focus on the consumer market, the ability to do clinical trials and the likely introduction of advanced delivery systems suggests that the medical market could shift even further away from flower. Many more and different consumers products may also be introduced..

Which drug company paid this idiot to say this? (Editor)
DEA Chief: “Marijuana is not medicine.”

These senseless comments come from Chuck Rosenberg, the acting chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) during a speech at an Ohio hospital.

Rosenberg said, “If it turns out that there is something in smoked marijuana that helps people, that’s awesome. I will be the last person to stand in the way of that. But let’s run it through the Food and Drug Administration process, and let’s stick to the science on it.”

Although Rosenberg’s tone toward medical marijuana has not changed since he became chief of the DEA in 2015, these comments are more concerning due to recent anti-cannabis rhetoric from members of the Trump administration.

Cannabis has Medical Benefits and the Time to Act is Now

Painkillers have become a serious issue in the United States. During the past 15 years, America has seen a tremendous growth in both the sales of prescription opiates and the number of people who die each year from abusing them.

Researchers from the RAND Corporation and the University of California-Irvine (UCI) may have found the answer and that is marijuana. The researchers discovered a reduction in the number of opioids related overdoses, as well as a reduction in number of admissions to addiction treatment center in states that legalized marijuana. The researchers also found that these states experienced significant reductions in both measures if they also legalized marijuana dispensaries.

In the states where doctors can prescribe marijuana, but retail dispensaries are prohibited, the study found no evidence of reductions in substance abuse or mortality. In the states where medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed, the researchers found a 16% reduction in opioid-related mortality and 28% reduction in opioid-abuse treatment admissions.

Ample Evidence Supports Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are two completely different chemical compounds. Over the last few years, researchers have found that THC helps with pain management, anxiety, and nausea, but they have barely cracked the surface since cannabis has been illegal for the last century.

Although there is less research supporting the medical benefits associated with CBD, studies have found that it reduces pain, can impact mood and anxiety, and act like an anti-inflammatory and a neuro-protectant.

The National Academies of Science, Medicine and Engineering recently conducted a study and found strong evidence for cannabis as an effective treatment for chronic pain when compared to a placebo.

Less than two years ago, the National Cancer Institute updated its website to include various studies revealing how cannabis may inhibit tumor growth by killing cells, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. The institute also said that cannabis does this while protecting healthy cells.

Before that, the National Institute on Drug Abuse revised their April 2015 publication after it found that cannabis can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others.

A few months earlier, the Journal of Urology reported a study by scientists who reported that cannabis helps lower the risk of bladder cancer for males. The researchers said that cannabis usage lowers the risk of developing bladder cancer by 45%.

The Time to Act is Now

Although clinical research is very important, the current Schedule I label makes it challenging for companies to conduct research on the plant. Companies like GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) have proven that cannabis has medical benefits and the time to act is now.

From epilepsy to cancer, from diabetes to heart disease, cannabis can improve daily life for millions of people across the globe.

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