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After 3 Years, Feds Back to Tracking Cannabis Markets


After 3 Years, Feds Back to Tracking Cannabis Markets

By Jimi Devine | CannabisNow.com

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has decided to resume tracking the marijuana market in the United States, which in their eyes, is still illegal no matter what state you live in.

Up through 2014, SAMHSA tracked the marijuana market through the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. It has been excluded from the survey for the past three years, but this year it’s back.

The survey’s marijuana marketplace module consists of a series of questions that seek to gather data such as the location, quantity, cost and type of marijuana being purchased across the nation. This year’s module will be unchanged from the version last included in 2014.

The NSDUH is a survey of the population aged 12 or older. The data collected is mined to figure out the prevalence of use when it comes to tobacco, alcohol, other scheduled narcotics, illicit use of prescription drugs and obviously America’s most prominently used drug — cannabis.

We reached out to the experts to see what we could expect from the move in D.C. to return to tracking the market at the consumer level.

Dr. Amanda Reiman, who spearheaded the Drug Policy Alliance effort on California’s successful Adult Use of Marijuana Act, has been working with the data for over a decade.

“It sounds like SAMHSA wants to better understand the impact of changing cannabis laws on the illicit market purchasing behaviors of consumers,” Reiman said. “The previous questions assessed purchasing patterns such as frequency of purchase, type of location where purchasing happens and the familiarity the purchaser has with the seller.”

She added that, like the systemic dangers of the Drug War, market-based risks have a cultural component as well.

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